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Korova is what it is today because our passion to remain unrivaled and every product and strain we release is something we truly believe in. We want you to be stoked every time you crack open our jar or rip into a pack of our cookies, and that drives us to constantly improve

korova vape cartridge

Korova cartridge delivers on flavor and potency like few others While one gets the expected performance out of the CCELL cart on offer here, Korova's distillate stands head and shoulders above many. It’s potent and thick and delivers thick clouds of vapor that you’ll feel quick. The flavor of the Super Silver Haze strain was a particularly tasty citrus and very lightly pine accented taste that was deeply enjoyable It’s a bit harsh on the lungs though and prone to leaving you wheezing with particularly deep or multiple hits. This is only a side note thanks to the potency it delivers on.

The Korova cart makes use of the newest CCELL design, delivering reliable excellent performance. But they don’t slack on the appearance just because they got reliable hardware. The ceramic reed-style mouthpiece is a matte black, making for a very professional finish when combined with their three-eyed cow logo cleanly printed on the cartridge in stark black and white. The information band over what would otherwise be the plain metal housing helps to make this cartridge feel distinct as well. Each cart is color coded depending on the strain within. The performance and efficiency of the cart is, as expected from CCELL’s latest offerings, excellent and stands among the best. Weed Delivery UK

Korova edibles are some of the strongest on the market, ranging in THC count from 150mg to a whopping 1,000mg of THC, and that can mean the difference between getting the medication a patient needs, or not at all. All items are created around a standardized 50mg “dose” of THC to make it easier for the consumer to calculate their desired amount correctly. For example, Korova’s chocolate chip cookie contains 150mg of THC, or 3 doses.

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